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How to Check Your Balance Quickly

Checking your balance quickly is helpful any day; don't let your bank slow you down! You can quickly check your balance and get on with your day in a few ways. Whether your internet signal is a bit spotty or you've got your hands full, read on for three options to check your balance with WaFd Bank quickly and securely.

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Voice-Activated Banking

Voice-Activated Banking is a service that uses your unique voice to verify who you are. Your voiceprint (a lot like your fingerprint) is an added layer of protection to safeguard you and your accounts from fraud. Once you're enrolled, no one else can call the bank trying to impersonate you—we've got your voice on file, and the call must come from the phone registered to you. With Voice-Activated Banking, you can quickly and securely check balances on your checking and savings accounts, transfer money between your WaFd accounts, and more.

When you call 800-324-9375 after enrolling, just say, "My voice is my password," and ask for your balance. It's that easy!

Other Ways You Can Check Your Balance

  • Online Banking: Access online banking with the browser on your phone or any desktop computer or tablet.
  • Mobile App: Download the WaFd app to check your balance and be on your way.

If you'd like, you can also use either option to transfer money between your accounts, lock or unlock your debit card, send money to friends and family with Zelle®, and much more. You can even change the app's look by going into the settings menu and choosing Change Theme.

WaFd Bank is Here to Help

If you didn't know, now you know! WaFd Voice-Activated Banking comes free with your WaFd accounts. Give us a call at 800-324-9375 to create your profile and enjoy the convenience this service offers. If you haven't experienced a Best Bank, find out why WaFd Bank has been awarded Best Bank and open a checking account or savings account or visit your local branch today!

Call WaFd Bank Customer Support

Call WaFd Bank Customer Support

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