Community Relations

The WaFd Bank community giving program is part of an overall strategy beyond just dollars and includes time and action. We believe all people deserve the opportunity to dream, believe and achieve. The building blocks that made our country great - community giving, a stable job, a home to call your own, and mutual respect - continue to be at the heart of possibility for all of us.

We invest our time, resources and passion to build and support vibrant communities that allow every person to work toward their possible goals. In complement to the Washington Federal Foundation, here are a few ways we provide support:

  • In 2018 WaFd Bank supported just over $160 million dollars worth of Community Development loans towards affordable housing, as well as promoting economic development, revitalizing or stabilizing low- or moderate-income geographies, and targeting community services for low- and moderate-income individuals.
  • We work to strengthen the communities we serve by investing more than 13,880 volunteer hours in 2018 through more than 1,425 local organizations and initiatives. Colleagues in over 230 branches identify diverse projects, particularly for low- and moderate-income individuals, where they provide volunteer time and expertise to the nonprofit organizations.
  • WaFd Bank matches employee contributions made to the United Way Agencies in our eight states.
  • Event sponsorships are selected and supported within each local community.
  • WaFd Bank maintains several complimentary community meeting spaces. We believe that providing space for our neighbors to hold business and community meetings is a responsible way for corporations to be good citizens.
  • Colleague volunteers provide free tax help for low- and moderate-income families who need assistance preparing their tax return thru a program called Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) . Our employees get the opportunity to grow and learn while helping those less fortunate.

Financial Education:

We believe in providing our neighbors with financial education programs to enhance every day financial management. This education fosters stability for individuals, families and entire communities. The more people know about money management, the more likely they are to improve and maintain their financial health and well-being.

We recognize the fundamental connection between community prosperity and our own as we work to strengthen the communities we serve by investing in education initiatives that create an environment for people to thrive and prosper.

  • Our Save at School program helps middle and elementary school students learn the habit of thrift by making modest but regular deposits during our on-site "Bank Days," held once or twice each month. We also match each initial $5 opening deposit to a Save at School account. Email to inquire about launching a school savings program in your area.
  • Employees determine the specific needs within their communities and reach out to facilitate financial classes for senior citizens who need help avoiding fraud or juggling retirement savings, young professionals navigating the purchase of their first home or students learning how to protect their credit score and build their first budget.
  • We partner with organizations such as Everfi to supplement employee efforts with online financial education aimed at helping high school students to develop a better understanding of financial decision making.

Washington Federal Foundation:

The Washington Federal Foundation's purpose is to facilitate direct giving to community-based nonprofits serving the needs of low- and moderate-income individuals. We direct our contributions to these areas:

Housing & Community Development:

As a financial institution dedicated to financing and promoting home ownership, WaFd Bank supports programs and causes that help provide affordable housing for low- and moderate-income individuals. We also directly finance projects designed to build stronger communities that provide affordable housing, access to quality healthcare, and a vibrant environment for job growth. These causes align with our mission as a responsible bank and help us meet our goals under the Community Reinvestment Act.
housing community relations

Senior Citizens & Low-Income Families:

The Washington Federal Foundation provides support for social and human service agencies that serve the needs of low-income seniors and families who reside in our communities.
senior community relations

Financial Literacy:

WaFd Bank supports efforts to expand financial literacy among youth, adults, and seniors by partnering with organizations that provide help in the form of financial education toward our neighbors and the communities we are invested in.
Financial literacy community relations

Employee Involvement:

WaFd Bank also considers small grants to charitable organizations where our employees serve in a leadership role of the agency or as a board member.

Some Exclusions: While we gladly consider all requests, the Foundation giving focus does not include contributions to individuals, government agencies, the arts, research into disease prevention, secondary education, or contributions to sports teams, programs or events.

employee involvement community relations

Corporate Giving:

To apply, please review the grant application. Turnaround time for decisions on grant proposals may range from 30 to 90 days. Approved proposals may range from $500 up to $5,000 maximum. Applicants are permitted one application per calendar year. For more information about our community involvement, please contact us at 541-880-5228 and ask for Community Relations.

Community Meeting Rooms

As part of WaFd Bank's desire to give back to the communities we serve, in several of our branch locations we offer up community meeting spaces. If you have a need for a conference room and your meeting is of a business nature, give us a call. Last year we hosted close to 2,000 meetings in our local communities. To book space please contact the local branches at the numbers below:

Ashland, Oregon: 541-488-6977

Madras, Oregon: 541-475-5339

Burlington, Washington: 360-755-9241

Salt Lake City, Utah:  801-366-2238

Plano, Texas:  972-378-0200

Lake Oswego, Oregon:  503-639-6641

Klamath Falls, Oregon: Conference Center: The facility contains three rooms for hosting meetings or conferences. Groups or individuals wishing to use the Conference Center facilities may make arrangements by contacting Windermere Real Estate, at 541-885-4400 or