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Thank you for being a valued client of WaFd Bank. Here's where you'll find account terms and disclosures, our privacy notice, our current schedule of fees, and other important details about our products and services.

Summary of Changes to the Personal Deposit Account Agreement and Disclosures

We are updating our Personal Deposit Account Agreement and Disclosures ("Deposit Agreement"), which covers the accounts you maintain with us for personal, family, or household purposes. The changes are effective on September 1, 2021 and this summary is an overview of the changes.


In the Definitions section we have revised the definition for Available Balance and Business Day, and added a new definition for Current Balance. Note that throughout the Deposit Agreement, instances of Business Day may have been replaced with Calendar Day due to the amended definitions.

Part I, Personal Deposit Account Terms and Conditions

  • We amended the introduction to clarify that by providing a written or electronic signature to open your Account, you agree to the terms of the Deposit Agreement.
  • We amended the sections "Endorsement" and "Checks" to include reference to facsimile signatures.
  • We amended the sections "Returned Checks/Waiver of Rights" and "Check Cashing Policy" to detail when returned deposited item fees might be charged.
  • We amended the section "Withdrawal Policy" to remove references to Passbook Savings Accounts and federal savings account withdrawal limits that are no longer applicable.
  • We amended the section "Overdraft Policy" to detail when Insufficient Funds fees may be charged.
  • We amended the section "Stop Payments" to detail when and how stop payment orders may be initiated and processed.
  • We’ve added the new sections "Informal Dispute Resolution Process" and "Arbitration," and amended the section "Venue and Limitation on Bringing Contract Claims," to detail how you and WaFd might settle any disputes related to your Account.

Part II, Truth in Savings Disclosure

  • We amended the section "Grace Period" regarding when interest is posted if the interest posting cycle ends during your Grace Period.

Part III, Funds Availability Disclosure

  • We amended the section "Other Check Deposits" to indicate that we are making some types of your deposited funds available to you more quickly.
  • We amended the section "Hold on Other Funds (Other Accounts)" to remove reference to Lines of Credit.
  • We amended the sections "Special Rules for New Accounts," "Longer Delays May Apply," "Deposits Not Made in Person," "ATM Deposits," and "Mobile Deposits" to detail when you will receive funds deposited in your Account.

Part IV, Electronic Funds Transfer Disclosure

  • In the section "Types of Available Funds Transfers and Services," under the "Using your WaFd Bank Debit or ATM Card" header, we have also made edits to outline daily ATM and POS transaction limits. In addition, we have made edits to detail fees for ATM visits, and what constitutes a Foreign Transaction and what related fees might be charged.
  • In the section "Types of Available Funds Transfers and Services" we have added a new paragraph under the header "Visa Account Updater Service Disclosure and Notice of Right to Opt Out" in order to detail Visa’s new updater service, which can update your Debit Card on file with participating merchants when we replace your Debit Card.
  • We added the new section "Transfers on Behalf of Others" to prohibit the initiation of electronic banking transactions on behalf of any person who is not an owner of your Account.
  • We revised the sections "Stopp Payment of Preauthorized Transfers" and "Preauthorized Transfers to Your Account" to detail stop payment order and direct deposit procedures for such transfers.
  • We have amended the section "Documentation of Transactions" to add a new paragraph detailing that we will not provide you special notice of receipt of funds when you are the beneficiary of a funds transfer.

Part VII, Privacy Notice and Personal Information

  • In the Definitions section, we have expanded the definition of "Affiliates" to encompass Pike Street Labs, LLC.

In addition to these changes above, we have also made additional changes for clarity and to simplify the language. You can review all the changes in the updated Deposit Agreement available at


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