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Summary of Changes to Personal Deposit Account Agreement and Disclosures


Effective December 10, 2019

We are updating our Personal Deposit Account Agreement and Disclosures (“Deposit Agreement”), which covers the accounts you maintain with us for personal, family, or household purposes.  Our updated Deposit Agreement reflects our name change to WaFd Bank.  The changes are effective on December 10,2019 and this summary is an overview of the changes.


In the Definitions section we have revised the definition for Account, and added new definitions for Account Balance, Age of Majority, Available Balance, Funds Availability Policy, and Online Banking Agreement

Part I, Personal Deposit Account Terms and Conditions

  • We amended the section “Withdrawal Policy” to clarify the restrictions on certain withdrawals from Savings Accounts and how we respond to excessive withdrawals.
  • We amended the sections “Overdraft Policy” and “Sustained Overdrawn Accounts,” including removing reference to an overdraft fee.
  • We amended the section “Stop Payments,” including explaining security procedures when you report lost or stolen checks.
  • We amended the section “Periodic Statements; Time Limit to Report Errors,” to indicate that Checking, Savings, and Money Market Accounts are provided with monthly statements.
  • We added a section entitled “Minor Accounts.”
  • We amended the section “Closing Your Account,” which explains when we may close your Account, what your responsibilities are if your Account is closed or restricted, and what our obligations are if your Account is closed.

Part II, Truth in Savings Disclosure

  • We amended the sections “Interest Rate Information” and “Computation Method” regarding how we calculate interest and when interest begins to accrue.
  • We amended the section “Transaction Limitations on Savings and Money Market Accounts” to clarify the restrictions on certain withdrawals from Savings Accounts and how we respond to excessive withdrawals.
  • We amended the section “Time Deposits (Certificates of Deposit)” to add a definition for “Grace Period,” to explain when interest is credited, explain how interest is calculated and credited when your CD renews or there is an early withdrawal, and how interests is calculated and credited during the Grade Period.

Part III, Funds Availability Disclosure

  • We amended the section “Special Rules for New Accounts” to add an explanation of the funds availability for checks not deposited in person.
  • We amended the section entitled “Longer Delays May Apply,”
  • We deleted the section “Deposit Limits via Mobile Deposit Apply.”


Part IV, Electronic Funds Transfer Disclosure

  • In the section “Using your WaFd Bank Debit or ATM Card” we added a sentence to explain that you may be charged a fee for a balance inquiry at an ATM outside our network.
  • We amended the section “Stop Payment Procedures” to change the name to “Stop Payment of Preauthorized Transfers” and provide a more explanation of how we handle stop payment requests for debit cards and ACH withdrawals.
  • In the section “Your Liability for Unauthorized Transactions,” we added a paragraph describing “Visa Debit Card Zero Liability.”
  • We revised the section “In Case of Error or Questions about Your Electronic Transfer,” to consolidate the procedures for errors or questions about ATM, Point-of-Sale (POS), and ACH transactions.


In addition to these changes above, we have also updated our notice address in the Deposit Agreement to 5777 N. Meeker Ave, Boise, ID 83713, and made additional changes for clarity and to simplify the language.  You can review all the changes in the updated Deposit Agreement available at the following link:  Personal Deposit Account Agreement and Disclosures effective December 10, 2019


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