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Businesswoman using her laptop in the office
Businesswoman using her laptop in the office
Businesswoman using her laptop in the office
Businesswoman using her laptop in the office
Businesswoman using her laptop in the office
Businesswoman using her laptop in the office
Businesswoman using her laptop in the office
See why WaFd Bank has been awarded Best Bank!

WaFd Bank Reviews and Testimonials

Adrian Perez
President of Heritage Hotels & Resorts Explains WaFd Bank Partnership

WaFd Bank significantly lowered our banking costs and continues to provide us with quick decisions based on their presence and knowledge of the local market. They have a deep knowledge of all aspects of housing, from forestry to lending, and that fits Dunn.

Mike Dunn

President, Dunn Lumber
Seattle, WA

We love the daily, extra-mile service, such as checking in to re-evaluate our credit line mid-term. With our previous bank, it was like pulling teeth to convince them we were worthy of a line increase. WaFd Bank has always been consistent and solid.

Tiffany Stewart

President, Advanced Medical
Issaquah, WA

Pelican Brewing Company logo
Pelican Brewing Company
WaFd Bank is a partner that enables us to grow and understands our business and really helps us make the decisions that we need to continue to grow and be relevant in the marketplace.

Jim Prinzing
CEO, Pelican Brewing Company, Pacific City, OR

Final Strike Games Logo

It is not often that a business truly qualifies as a disruptor – someone doing it better, differently, in a way that shows truly how far behind the competition is.
WaFd's team and operation are second to none – we recently moved our banking away from a big bank, to WaFd, and our founders group and finance teams are impressed at WaFd's professionalism, 1:1 care, responsiveness, communication, and ability to get results.
WaFd gets it done, as I drive through Washington, every time I see a WaFd branch, I smile as I know my company is with the best bank, the disruptive bank that gets it done and done well!
WaFd is a fantastic solution for any new tech company – and is a great partner for our Video Game Company based here in Washington. We appreciate their care, diligence, and professionalism, and we look forward to a long relationship with Brent and the amazing WaFd team.

Kevin Franklin

CEO, Final Strike Games
Bellevue, WA

Jeff Widmeyer RO Health CEO

Jeff Widmyer
CEO, Ro Health, Inc.

RO Health Logo

My morning started at 4:00 am with an email from my big bank stating their CEO decided not to support businesses of our size. My day ended at 1:30 am the following day with an email from WaFd Bank's CEO, Brent Beardall, confirming receipt of our preliminary loan documents.
WaFd Bank's entire team worked around the clock to support community businesses during their greatest time of need. Not only did they work to support our business; they worked to provide regular communication throughout the process.
WaFd got it done. I am incredibly grateful for their hard work. They have a leader that leads from the front, and I look forward to working with them for many years to come.

Jeff Widmyer

CEO, Ro Health, Inc.
Seattle, WA

I began trying to refinance my house after rates fell this summer. I spoke with three other banks who said they could not help or were not interested because of the uniqueness of my property (on 5 acres, 1st and 2nd loans on property) I found WaFd Bank. They were more than willing to work with me. I like the fact that WaFd does not sell their loans and has more flexibility in the process. It was not a “one size fits all” approach. I highly recommend anyone looking to refinance or switch banks to contact WaFd Bank!

Joe W. - Property owner, Denton Texas

We are stoked that you were involved helping us. Your teams have been working like crazy and we have had numerous times in the last year and a half when one WaFd Bank employee was overlapping another WaFd employee unknowingly. That probably wouldn't happen at another bank because they don't work as hard as WaFd. Heck, the CEO called me after midnight in April 2020 to get our Ops loan approved initially. That was simply amazing. That would not happen at any bank except WaFd Bank. You and your teammates absolutely rock. THANK YOU.

T.F. – Business Owner/Developer

Helps improve our company

They've been to our office several times to help us set up a credit card processor that will save us several hundred dollars a year and sign paperwork for a new line of credit.

Mike Hastings

Owner, Cardinal Heating
Kirkland, WA

You just saved us!

THANK YOU so very much for locating that check for us. You just saved us!! [...] You sure are on the ball! Your time and effort in helping us solve this problem are greatly appreciated.

Donna S

BME Truck

Boise Mobile Equipment

WaFd Bank has been great at giving us access to lines of credit to help us grow. Having a bank you can be very upfront and honest with has been fantastic. They've been on board with us 100-percent.

Chad Moffat

President, Boise Mobile Equipment
Boise, ID

Thank you!

We have always been pleased with WaFd Bank's approach to origination and servicing. This time around was even better. We especially appreciate all of your hard work, resourcefulness, professionalism, and patience. That and your “5-star” approach to customer service not only made our purchase possible, but stress-free and seamless from our perspective.

Pat & Roxanne

John Foley Former Lead Solo Pilot – Blue Angels

Jessica Juarez of the Ketchum branch did a wonderful job with my PPP loan. Very professional and helpful. Thank you WaFd Bank!

John Foley

CEO, John Foley Inc.
Former Lead Solo Pilot – Blue Angels
Sun Valley, ID

Amazing team! WaFd really stepped up during this difficult time helping people with the PPP Loan. I've been a client for a few years and I've always been satisfied with their customer service!

Mathieu C

Las Vegas, NV

Amazing customer service!! Every time I go into this bank everybody is extremely helpful and friendly! Waaaaaay better than other bigger named banks! Gilbert helped me and my father last time we were in and this is the only bank that you can actually speak to a human being!! Love this bank and location!!!

Tiffany R

Phoenix, AZ

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