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How to Avoid Delinquent Credit Card Payments

What happens if you pay your credit card bill over 30 days late? It may be reported to the credit bureaus.

And that's not good, because not only may you get hit with a substantial late payment, but your credit score could take a big hit.

Most people who make a delinquent payment say they didn't have the money, according to a new survey by the financial advice website NerdWallet. But more than a third (35%) said they simply forgot. That’s a costly mistake.
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“Being delinquent on your credit card can have a huge negative impact on your finances,” said Kimberly Palmer, NerdWallet’s credit card expert.

“Not only do you have to pay late fees, but the interest can grow over time and in some cases your credit score drops, too, making future loans more expensive for you.”

There's a simple solution: Set up automatic payments, so you'll never be late.

Remember: Even if you can’t make the full payment by the card's monthly due date, make the minimum payment and you won't be delinquent.

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