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DIY Bathroom and Kitchen Upgrades

No two rooms attract would-be homebuyers more than the kitchen and master bathroom suite. So if you’re thinking about a home remodel or upgrade project, these areas are likely to give you the biggest return on your investment. A remodel doesn’t have to include a contractor, architect and a hefty bill! Fortunately, there are a few simple “do it yourself” improvements that can go a long way.

Kitchen Upgrades

The heart of any home is the kitchen. If your kitchen needs a facelift, but you don’t want to break the bank, try these do-it-yourself kitchen upgrades.

Light it Up

Installing sufficient lighting will make the area appear larger, and the right lighting fixtures can add spunk, charm and character to the room. One easy way to modernize your kitchen is to give a traditional chandelier an update. This is a fun and easy way to get creative and put your own personal spin on decorating.
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Incorporate an Island

For a reasonable price, you can purchase or build a custom island for your kitchen. This is a great way to gain storage space and seating with a couple of stools. It becomes the centerpiece of any kitchen and is a worthwhile purchase that can make a big difference in the layout and traffic flow of your home.

Display Your Pots and Pans

It’s simple to create a classic kitchen rack for your pot, pans, and utensils. Easy access to these essential tools will make cooking more efficient. And if you have beautiful copper pots and pans, they make a perfect decoration.

Update Hardware

Change the personality of your kitchen by updating your faucets and fixtures. Go with chrome knobs for a clean, modern look, or try antique glass or bronze for a classic feel. Either way, unifying your cabinet hardware and sink fixtures will create a pulled together and finished look for your kitchen.

A Splash of Color

Installing a backsplash adds personality and a pop of color. This project is slightly more labor-intensive, but the most difficult part of the job might be deciding which material you want to use. There are many options, ranging from tile to glass to stainless steel. If you’re looking for color but don’t have time to install tiles, painting your cabinets is another option that will refresh your kitchen with very little effort and cost.

Bathroom Improvements

Transforming a bathroom doesn’t have to be a wallet-buster. There are plenty of DIY (do-it-yourself) projects that can make a huge difference in your bathroom without making a huge dent in your budget. These three ideas can transform your space and increase the resale value of your home.

Swap out Fixtures

Changing out the fixtures in your bathroom can alter the feel of the room and give it a stylish touch. Go for chrome or brushed nickel for a modern twist, or try antique brass for a vintage feel. Don’t forget about light fixtures as well as plumbing fixtures.  Make sure that all the fixtures match – right down to the shower curtain rod. For a relatively small investment of time and money, your bathroom can go from “basic” to “wow.”
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Bead Board adds a Custom Look

Apply bead board to the walls around your sink, toilet or even bathtub for a custom, built-in look. Bead board is versatile. With just a few sheets of bead board, trim, siliconized glue and outdoor paint, your bathroom will have a custom, high-end look. Create a statement by pairing white bead board wainscoting with intense color on the walls. 

Start Stickin’

Tired of that old, cracked tile floor? A quick and inexpensive remedy to this problem exists, and it’s practically error-proof. Peel and stick tiles are all the rage and, at less than $1 per square foot, it’s easy to see why. You can buy tiles in a variety of colors and patterns. Take two hours out of an afternoon and your bathroom can have a brand new floor that looks like limestone or granite. 

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