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Beware of Credit Repair Scams

You have bad credit and you need help. There are lots of companies that promise they can help you with that – for a price. Don't believe it.

Be wary of anyone who "guaranteed" to get rid of negative credit information in your credit file and quickly boost your credit score.

No one can make that promise. And never pay upfront for this so-called service. In fact, under federal law, a credit repair company cannot require you to pay until they've completed the services they promised. If they demand money in advance, it's a scam.

In most cases, you can deal with credit problems on your own or with the help of a non-profit credit counselor.

You can find someone in your area by visiting the National Foundation for Credit Counseling website. The truth is: It takes time repair a credit file. No one can get negative information removed from your file IF that information is accurate.

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