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Password Testing Tool

Use this tool to check the strength of your password by entering it in the field below. This password testing tool evaluates the security of your password based on the uniqueness and combination of letters (uppercase, lowercase), numbers and symbols (!, @, #, etc). To learn how to make your password more secure, see how you can protect yourself with other tools and best practices.

info-circlePlease note that you should never put personal information in your password (names, addresses, birthdays, etc.)

Test Your Password

Very Weak Password

Weak Password

Strong Password

Very Strong Password

An open laptopA laptop that is highly at risk of being hackedA laptop that is at risk of being hackedA laptop that is moderately secured from being hackedA laptop that is highly secured from being hacked

How the Password Testing Tool Works

This password Testing Tool checks for secure password best practices and assigns requirement a score. That score fits into either a very weak, weak, strong or very strong password and also gives a time-frame that a hacker would probably take to hack it. This tool checks for lowercase and uppercase letters, numbers and symbols and finds any patterns or other common password mistakes.

Any password you enter here is not stored anywhere - testing is all done on this page and no data is sent or saved from this tool.

How We Protect You

  1. Credit File Monitoring
    With a Rewards, Premium Rewards, or Interest Checking account, you get access to identity theft monitoring and resolution to protect you and the things in life that matter most. Alerts may be sent directly to your mobile phone via text.

    How to Access Rewardsarrow-right
  2. Secure Online and Mobile Banking
    Easily monitor inventory and manage sales. Solutions are available for small businesses up to large enterprise with multiple locations.

    WaFd Bank Online Bankingarrow-right

How You Can Protect Yourself

  1. Research Best Practices
    Your account is already protected, but you can take additional steps to further secure your accounts. And, as your level of protection rises, so does your meter level, helping you feel more confident about the safety of your personal and financial information with WaFd Bank.

    Other Secure Password Toolsarrow-right
  2. Use a Virtual Private Network
    While passwords keep unauthorized users out of accounts, Internet Service Providers can still track a user's online activity as well as their devices' private IP addresses. The only way to hide web activity and IP addresses is to connect not directly to a public Wi-Fi network, but instead to a VPN, which stands for Virtual Private Network.

    Research VPNsarrow-right
  3. Use a Password Manager
    Password managers store users' usernames and passwords in encrypted vaults, requiring only master passwords or biometrics to log into accounts.

    Find a Password Managerarrow-right
  4. Report Suspicious Activity
    If you suspect fraudulent activity on your account, you can report it and freeze your debit card to prevent new purchases and ATM transactions. It's easy to freeze or unfreeze your debit card in seconds via the mobile app, online or over the phone.

    Call to Report Suspicious Activity

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