Save Up to $600 on Closing Costs With a Checking Account From WaFd Bank*

  • Save $200 if you make your mortgage payments from a WaFd Bank checking account (with direct deposit).
  • Save another $400 when you register for EZ-Pay service, automatically pulling your mortgage payment from your checking account at WaFd or any other bank.

3 Simple Steps to Lower Your Closing Costs:

  1. Choose your best fit checking account.
    Open an Account online
  2. Set up direct deposit to your WaFd Bank account.
  3. Complete the EZ-Pay sign up form to set up automatic payments for your mortgage from your WaFd Bank account.

Do I have to open a checking account to get a mortgage from WaFd Bank?

No, it will never be required to open a checking account in order to apply for a mortgage with WaFd Bank. We are offering up to $600 off closing costs as an incentive to those who choose to open an account and make their payments from their account.

Is this offer only for available when I’m purchasing a new home?

No, you can apply this offer towards any new WaFd Bank home loan, including Refinancing, Remodeling, Lot, Construction, and Home Equity Loans.

I already have a WaFd Checking account, can I still take advantage of this offer?

Yes, if you already have a WaFd checking account with direct deposit you are eligible to get up to $200 dollars off your mortgage closing costs at the time of loan closing.

In order to get up to $400 in additional money off, it says I need to register for EZ-Pay. What is EZ-Pay?

EZ-Pay is an electronic funds transfer program that collects monthly loan payments directly from your checking account at any bank using your routing and account number.

How do I register for EZ-Pay?

Your mortgage broker or loan officer can help you complete the EZ-Pay agreement.

*To qualify for the maximum $600 discount, before closing documents are prepared, you must (1) have or open the WaFd checking account, (2) register for EZ-Pay from the new checking account, and (3) sign up for direct deposit of at least one form of a monthly recurring source of income.