Save on Closing Costs When You Open a WaFd Bank Checking Account

Save Up to $600 on Closing Costs With a Checking Account From WaFd Bank*

  • Save $200 if you make your mortgage payments from a WaFd Bank checking account (with direct deposit).
  • Save another $400 when you register for EZ-Pay service, automatically pulling your mortgage payment from your checking account at WaFd or any other bank.

3 Simple Steps to Lower Your Closing Costs:

  1. Choose your best fit checking account.
  2. Set up direct deposit to your WaFd Bank account.
  3. Complete the EZ-Pay sign up form to set up automatic payments for your mortgage from your WaFd Bank account.

Up to $600 deducted from your closing costs!

Checking Account Closing Costs Offer FAQ

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Do I have to open a checking account to get a mortgage from WaFd Bank?

No, it will never be required to open a checking account in order to apply for a mortgage with WaFd Bank. We are offering up to $600 off closing costs as an incentive to those who choose to open an account and make their payments from their account.

Is this offer only available when I’m purchasing a new home?

No, you can apply this offer towards any new WaFd Bank home loan, including Refinancing, Remodeling, Lot, Construction, and Home Equity Loans.

I already have a WaFd Checking account, can I still take advantage of this offer?

Yes, if you already have a WaFd checking account with direct deposit you are eligible to get up to $200 dollars off your mortgage closing costs at the time of loan closing.

In order to get up to $400 in additional money off, it says I need to register for EZ-Pay. What is EZ-Pay?

EZ-Pay is an electronic funds transfer program that collects monthly loan payments directly from your checking account at any bank using your routing and account number.

How do I register for EZ-Pay?

Your mortgage broker or loan officer can help you complete the EZ-Pay agreement.

*To qualify for the maximum $600 discount, before closing documents are prepared, you must (1) have or open the WaFd checking account, (2) register for EZ-Pay from the new checking account, and (3) sign up for direct deposit of at least one form of a monthly recurring source of income.