Build on future value
Don't let major housework out-strip your equity. Our All-in-One Loan is based on the estimated value of your home after improvements.


Benefits of working with WaFd Bank
We keep your loan and don't sell it to Wall Street or Fannie Mae.
Our experts are standing by to help you with every step.
We are not paid on commission, so your needs come first.

Your neighborhood loan officer can help you get started

Save Up to $600 on Closing Costs With a Checking Account From WaFd Bank*

Remodeling Roadmap

Set Objectives
Meet with your architect or builder to plan your dream home.

Project Planning
Set your budget, determine the scope of work, and establish a timeline for completion.

DIY or Contractor?
Doing it yourself or working with a builder? We can work with you either way. Our custom construction experts at your local WaFd Bank branch will walk you through the process of completing your project.

Begin Construction
Our custom construction experts work with you to manage payouts to your builder each month as construction progresses from beginning to end.

Frequently asked questions

What is an all-in-one construction remodeling loan?

WaFd Bank’s All-in-One Construction Remodeling Loan is a home loan based on the estimated value of your home after the remodel. To determine that value up-front, we order an appraisal based on your plans for improvements. The entire project is underwritten at one time and you can lock in a permanent, fixed interest rate before you even start the project. Please note that rates can change daily. Subject to a lock-in deposit.

Which remodeling projects have the most cost recouped at resale?
Project Job Cost Resale Value Cost Recouped
Attic Insulation (fiberglass) $1,343 $1,446 107.7%
Entry Door Replacement (steel) $1,413 $1,282 90.7%
Manufactured Stone Veneer $7,851 $7,019 89.4%
Minor Kitchen Remodel $20,830 $16,699 80.2%
Garage Door Replacement $1,749 $1,345 76.9%

Which remodeling projects have the least cost recouped at resale?
Project Job Cost Resale Value Cost Recouped
Bathroom Addition $43,232 $23,283 53.9%
Backup Power Generator $12,860 $6,940 54.0%
Backyard Patio $51,985 $28,546 54.9%
Bathroom Remodel $18,546 $12,024 64.8%
Master Suite Addition $119,533 $77,506 64.8%

* To qualify for the maximum $600 discount, before closing documents are prepared you must (1) have or open the WaFd checking account, (2) register for EZ-Pay from the new checking account, and (3) sign up for direct deposit of at least one form of a monthly recurring source of income.