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Articles about Building Credit

Find out the top ways to use credit cards wisely and build credit including helpful tips to avoid high interest rates from the team at WaFd Bank.

WaFd Bank shares tips on how to raise your credit score. For more tips, visit WaFd Bank's Banking 101.

Is credit card debt bringing you down? Learn from the financial experts at WaFd Bank on how to get out of credit card debt & how to get your finances on track.

Are delinquent credit card payments getting you down? Find out how to avoid delinquent payments to save you money from the financial team at WaFd Bank.

Are you thinking about canceling a credit card? Find out the pros and cons of canceling a credit card from WaFd Bank & when you should cancel your credit card.

What is a FICO Score and why is it important? Learn about FICO scores from WaFd Bank and ways to improve your credit score to improve your personal financial wealth.

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