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Articles about Consumer Tips

Find out from the team at WaFd Bank what to keep in a safety deposit box (and what not to keep) along with top tips for using your secure safe deposit box.

We've heard your financial questions and the financial experts at WaFd Bank are here to help answer the most common financial questions that have been asked.

Discover how the 2024 changes to FDIC insurance rules impact trust accounts, including both revocable and irrevocable trusts from the team at WaFd Bank.

Find out how you can make your dream vacation a reality by using a vacation savings account. Read top tips from WaFd Bank on how to save on your vacation.

Are you thinking about your rainy day fund? Find out how a CD (certificate of deposit) can be a potential savings avenue. Learn about the benefits of a CD today.

New to writing a check? Learn how to fill out a check in six steps in WaFd Bank's comprehensive step-by-step check writing guide with photos.

Find out what comparison shopping is and the importance of comparison shopping in your daily shopping habits to help you save from you local bank, WaFd Bank.

Learn more about how you can save for medical expenses with accounts like HSA and FSA that give you tax benefits and savings when you need it from WaFd Bank.

Curious how to deposit a check online or cash a check at a bank? Find out how to deposit your money like an expert from your local bank, WaFd Bank.

WaFd Bank shares ideas on how to reduce costs around the house. For more tips, visit WaFd Bank's Banking 101.

WaFd Bank shares tips on ways to close out the year on firm financial footing, For more tips, visit WaFd Bank's Banking 101.

WaFd Bank shares tips on how to stay financially fit. For more tips, visit WaFd Bank's Banking 101.

WaFd Bank shares tips on building your budget, changing some of your spending habits and setting savings goals.

WaFd Bank shares ways you can spend (or save) the money from your tax refund. For more tips, visit WaFd Bank's Banking 101.

Find out the top tips from WaFd Bank on how you can save money and be a smart shopper this holiday season, while starting your shopping early.

Learn about the top 5 holiday spending tips to keep your finances in order and your budget happy as we navigate a holiday season like we haven't seen before.

At some point, you may encounter an unexpected event in your life – loss of job, unplanned illness, etc – learn from WaFd Bank how to prepare for unexpected expenses

Find out top tips around financial disaster preparedness so you can prepare your finances for a flood, fire or other disaster you weren't planning on.

Are you wanting to keep your home safe this holiday season? Find out the top holiday home safety tips from WaFd Bank to give you peace of mind.

Are you sweating tax season? Make a plan to save at tax time! Find out our top financial tips to keep you organized from the financial team at WaFd Bank.

What does phone insurance really cover? Find out some surprising facts and how you can get this benefit at WaFd Bank with a Rewards Checking Account.

Is it that time to combine your finances? Learn how to combine your finances as a couple and what you should know during this exciting time in your life.

Holiday debt hangover leaves individuals stressed out. Learn from WaFd Bank how you can apply some basic money-saving holiday tips to your holiday purchases.

While you're planning that vacation abroad, there are a few tips you should consider before you embark. Learn about these travel tips from WaFd Bank.

Do you have unexpected Bills? Find out how your home can help you during this difficult time with the help of a home equity line of credit (HELOC).

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