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3 Ways to Save with Green Checking

When choosing a checking account, treat it like you might when comparing credit cards. They all let you manage and spend your money, but what else can you get? Make sure WaFd Bank's Green Checking is on your list! This secure checking account comes standard with a host of benefits, which we call My WaFd Wins. They're designed to help you manage more than just your money. Benefits include Shopping Rewards, Family Health Discounts, Mobile Phone Protection, and Travel and Leisure Coupons, all of which can be easily accessed directly from the WaFd mobile app.

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How could you save? A few WaFd team members took Green Checking for a test drive to find out. Here are three examples of how they saved using Green Checking benefits:

$120 Saved on Mobile Phone Protection

By enrolling in Mobile Phone Protection with Green Checking, Robbie saved $10 a month by cancelling his former phone insurance.

Meanwhile, Leslie no longer needs her former $11 a month insurance, which covered only one phone. With Green Checking, all three of her phones are eligible for Mobile Phone Protection.

Another example: "For three years I have paid $20 a month, $10 each, for phone insurance for my husband and I. That's $20 a month that goes back in in my pocket. Over a year, that's $240!" Ann.

$80 Saved on Car Rentals.

Green Checking's Travel & Leisure coupons include deals on car rentals. For example, one colleague saved $80 off a 5-day rental, and another saved $87 on a 3-day rental. You can print the coupons or download them using the WaFd app for easy access.

$25 Saved on Eating Out.

Pam used one of the Travel & Leisure restaurant coupons to save 25% off her table's entire bill (excluding alcohol, tip and taxes).

Identity Protection? Priceless.

If you've ever had fraud on your debit or credit card, you know what a headache it can be. Now multiply that by 1,000% when you get your identity stolen. With My WaFd Wins, you get fully managed identity theft resolution services and daily credit monitoring with automated alerts from your credit report, not to mention the added peace of mind.

Start Saving with Green Checking.

New to WaFd Bank, or want to open a Green Checking account? Contact your local branch or call us at 800-324-9375 to get started. Check out My WaFd Wins to find out how this service can serve you, and to access full benefits details and disclosures.

Insurance products and benefits are not insured by FDIC or any Federal Government Agency; not a deposit of or guaranteed by the bank or any bank affiliate. (Please note: your mobile phone bill must be paid through your Green Checking account to be eligible for Mobile Phone Protection.)

Some benefits may require activation/registration, but all are available to Green Checking and Stellar Plus Checking account holders.