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Creating a Summer Vacation Budget that Doesn’t Break the Bank: Part II


Did you take a vacation last year? For most of us, the answer is “no.” For many, it’s because getting away is too expensive. Booking a hotel or vacation rental is usually one of the biggest expenditures, so we took a look at how to spend less…

How can you save money on accommodations?

  1. Book for off-season travel. If you can be flexible in your travel dates, do so. You’ll save big if you can avoid summer, spring break and the holiday season.
  2. Stay midweek. If you can’t get away January through April, or September through November, then try to book your accommodations midweek.
  3. Shop around. Like airline companies, many hotels or resorts offer tiered pricings, so a listing on could cost a different amount than booking that same reservation through another site or directly through the property itself.
  4. Think beyond hotels. Third-party vacation sites, like or, can offer more variety and some unique property options. You won’t get some hotel amenities - like daily cleaning or room service – but you’ll often save money in return. (Bonus: renting a vacation home or apartment will likely come with a kitchen, so you’ll be able to cook meals or keep food at home – saving you even more.)
  5. Group your vacation package. If you’re staying for a week or more in a vacation hot spot, then you may be able to get a “package” deal by bundling airfare and/or rental car fees all in one. (Just be sure to price it out separately as well!)
  6. Sign up for a loyalty program. Hotel loyalty programs are usually free to enroll in and will allow you to accrue points and other perks by staying loyal to one brand.
  7. Check for a club membership rate. Many accommodation sites offer discounts for certain membership groups, like the AARP or AAA. If you’re a member, then be sure to ask before you book.
(You've got to get there first! For tips on how to save money on airline tickets, check out part one of our blog series.)  Photo of hotel

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