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6 Everyday Ways to Save for Vacation

The summer vacation season is rapidly approaching. For most of us, the biggest obstacle to taking that getaway may be a lack of funds. Fortunately it's not too late to start saving and still book a summer weekend getaway. By cutting back on some little everyday "extras", you can end up saving in a big way.

Skip the coffee: $65

The average daily latte costs about $3.25, that equates to about $65 a month. By brewing at home or going without, you can set yourself up for a significant start on a vacation fund.

Sell your unwanted stuff: $200

Conquer two things at once. Wrap up spring cleaning and make some extra money by holding a garage sale.

Cancel that gym membership: $50

With the weather getting nicer and the days getting longer, summer's the perfect time of year for outdoor exercising. Motivated by others? Check out free fitness groups in your area. Meetup allows for you to find others online that are interested in outdoor fitness activities. For example, you could join a group that runs every Thursday around the local lake, or a group that practices yoga in the park on Saturdays.

Eat in: $200

According to the National Restaurant Association, the typical family spends an average of $239 each month on restaurant meals. Depending on your family's meal habits, this number could easily be higher for your household. Skipping the restaurant scene is one of the easiest ways to save in a big way.

Leave the car at home: $200

Your family's potential savings could vary greatly in this category as well. According to CNN, the average household spent $368 a month on gas in 2011. If you're a two-car household, consider carpooling to work, biking or using public transportation.

Save your pocket change: $60

This one's easy. At the end of the day, simply put all your spare change and $1 bills into a jar. You're sure to have at least $1 a day, which is at least $30 a month. If there's two of you in your house, double that amount!

By implementing these money-saving tips now, you're sure to be able to save at least $700 in just one month, enough for a summer weekend away. (Try this in June and July and you could save twice this figure!)

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