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Overdraft Services

WaFd Bank is here to help you avoid fees wherever possible. We have two services you can take advantage of to avoid overdraft fees, as WaFd does not offer overdraft protection.

If your debit card is used for a purchase and there aren't enough funds in your account, the transaction will be declined and no charge will be assessed.

But, without overdraft protection, if you have a check, automatic withdrawal (ACH withdrawal) set to come out of your account and there isn't enough in your account to cover it, the check or ACH will be returned and a nonsufficient funds fee of $30 will be charged to your account. To avoid that fee, we offer two convenient overdraft protection options:

Overdraft Protection
Funds will transfer from another account of your choice in case of an overdraft.
Overdraft Line of Credit
Funds will transfer from your line of credit, which does not require an existing balance. Borrow and pay back as needed.
Setup Fees:$0, only one account holder is needed to set it up$21 Credit Report Fee
Overdraft Transfer Fee:No transfer feeNo transfer fee
Coverage:Checks, automatic payments, recurring payments, as long as funds are available in your linked account to cover the transaction.Checks, ATM withdrawals, debit card purchases, automatic payments, and recurring payments, up to your credit limit.
Payment:N/APay back the balance over time with an automatic payment of 2.5% of outstanding balance or $50, whichever is greater.
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Overdraft Line of Credit

  • You may request an unsecured line with limits from $500 to $5,000, depending on your credit qualifications and approval.
  • A low application fee of just $21 is due at time of application to cover the cost of your credit report.
  • No annual fee. Subject to change. Please see our schedule of consumer fees and service charges.
  • The line will be repaid through automatic payment from the linked checking account. The payment amount is based on 2.5% of outstanding balance or $50, whichever is greater.
  • Enjoy unlimited line of credit advances (up to your available balance).
  • Rates are subject to change.
  • Overdraft Line of Credit is subject to additional terms and conditions and credit approval, with a maximum term of 10 years.