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Man sitting on stairs outside using his smartphone.
Man sitting on stairs outside using his smartphone.
Man sitting on stairs outside using his smartphone.
Man sitting on stairs outside using his smartphone.
Man sitting on stairs outside using his smartphone.
Man sitting on stairs outside using his smartphone.
Man sitting on stairs outside using his smartphone.
Need Money Tips? We've got your back.
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WaFd Money Tips

Our Latest Money Tips

  • Family in front of their house

    How to Buy Another House Before Selling Yours

    Whether you're a first-time homebuyer or purchasing your second home, buying and selling property is stressful. Doing both at the same time is downright daunting.arrow-right

  • Woman using a laptop at home

    How to Choose a Bank - Top 5 Considerations

    Find out the top five things to consider when choosing a bank that's right for you. Read the following steps to help you make your next banking choice.arrow-right

  • Depositing cash at bank counter

    Money Safety in Banks

    You probably hear banks say they're insured by the FDIC, but if you're not sure what that means, you might be wondering what it has to do with keeping your money safe.arrow-right

Money Tips for Banking 101

  • Woman with baby learning finances

    Boost Your Financial Knowledge

    As we continue to experience an economic downturn and high rates of inflation, now is the perfect opportunity to get educated on money matters.arrow-right

  • Happy young couple having a coffee date in cafe, drinking coffee and chatting

    High Yield Money Market Account or High Yield Certificates of Deposit?

    Read on to find out why these are great options to grow your savings and make your money work for you.arrow-right

  • Closeup of hand with pen endorsing the back of a check.

    How to Endorse a Check

    Find out how to endorse a check. WaFd Bank walks you through each step of finding the endorsement area to how to sign a check so you can deposit or cash your check.arrow-right

Money Tips for Building and Remodeling

  • Project manager shaking hands with architects in construction site

    3 Things to Consider in a Custom Construction Loan

    What should you expect?arrow-right

  • Photo of a man finishing a house project

    Pros & Cons to Consider BEFORE you Buy a Fixer-Upper

    Fixer-uppers have a lower up-front cost than their turnkey counterparts.arrow-right

  • Couple talking about the floor-plan of their new house

    Should I buy or build a home?

    Tips to help you decide if buying a house or building a house is better for you (and your wallet!).arrow-right

Money Tips for Building Credit

  • Woman holding a credit card

    Things to Consider Before You Cancel a Credit Card

    Why you may want to think twice before you close that credit card you're not using...arrow-right

  • Generic credit cards

    How to Avoid Delinquent Credit Card Payments

    What might happen if you miss a credit card payment?arrow-right

  • Written grocery list

    7 Moves to Conquer Credit Card Debt

    The average household with card debt now owes almost $16,000. Ideas to help you get ahead.arrow-right

WaFd Community Support

  • Salt lake city view

    Moving to Salt Lake City, Utah

    If you are looking for a change, consider moving to Salt Lake City — an area offering big-city amenities, a strong economy, and beautiful, natural surroundings that will not disappoint.arrow-right

  • Downtown Boise Idaho

    Ready for a Move? Consider Boise, Idaho

    With its strong economy, affordable cost of living, low crime rates and ample access to outdoor activities to enjoy the area's natural beauty, it's no wonder more and more people are living in Boise, Idaho.arrow-right

  • Mary's place check presentation

    Partnering with Mary's Place to Help Seattle's Homeless Population

    Find out about our recent partnership.arrow-right

Concerned woman looking at a smartphone sitting on a couch.

Consumer Tips

How to Identify Scams and Prevent Them

Learn seven signs of a scam, what to do if you spot a scam, and steps to take if you were scammed.

Money Tips for Family Finance

  • Man and woman sharing knowledge

    What You Need to Know About Paying for College

    A college education has long been part of the American dream - the aspirational belief that all people should have the opportunity to become successful and ...arrow-right

  • Smiling mother and daughter putting coins into a piggy bank.

    How to Teach Your Child Financial Literacy

    Having good money management skills is a vital skill, and we can all agree it's important to start young so they develop good habits early on.arrow-right

  • A pink piggy bank

    Questions To Ask Before Taking Out a Student Loan

    Here are a few things to consider before you sign paperwork.arrow-right

Money Tips for Home Ownership

  • Couple buying a house

    Home Buying 101: Understanding Closing Costs

    Closing costs may vary based on your lender and the location of the home. Typically, the buyer pays for most of the closing costs, but the seller may end up paying some of the closing costs as part of the negotiation.arrow-right

  • A woman with her kid smiling

    Best Way to Buy a House

    Buying a house may sound complicated, although the process to buy a house is pretty straightforward.arrow-right

  • For sale house

    How to Know When It Is the Right Time to Sell Your Home

    Considering selling your home? If so, how do you know if the time is right? Here are a few things to ponder.arrow-right

Money Tips for Security and Privacy

  • Concerned woman looking at a smartphone sitting on a couch.

    How to Identify Scams and Prevent Them

    Learn the top red flags scammers use, how to identify scams and tips to prevent being scammed online.arrow-right

  • Young man using laptop at home.

    A Cybersecurity Checklist

    Reminders about 10 simple things you can do to help protect your computer and money from online criminals.arrow-right

  • Tax filing documents and money

    How to Keep Your Refund Safe from Thieves

    Tax fraud can be timely and costly to remedy. Tips to keep your information more secure.arrow-right

Money Tips for Small Business

  • Small Business owner talking on phone taking notes at cash register

    What is the Best Bank for a Small Business?

    A lot of places claim they're the best bank for small business, but what really sets them apart from the rest?arrow-right

  • Business man sitting at restaraunt using tablet to open small business bank account

    What Is Needed to Open a Business Bank Account

    Learn why, as a business owner, it is essential to open a business bank account.arrow-right

  • Store clerk doing a transaction

    6 Small Business "Spring Cleaning" Security Tips

    How can you get your small business security practices cleaned up?arrow-right


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