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Articles about Banking 101

Read on to learn the difference between money orders and cashier's checks, as well as how and when to use them.

Find out how to easily deposit your money at WaFd Bank. Learn how to deposit money into your account via mobile deposit, direct deposit, & ATM/Branch options.

Read WaFd Bank's guide to help you increase your financial literacy and boost your financial knowledge, to help you budget and increase your savings.

Curious what a bank statement is and why you would need to review it? Learn from the WaFd Bank team what a bank statement is and the top reasons it's important.

Learn about stale dates of checks and understand how long checks are good for and what to do if you have an old check and still owed money from the team at WaFd Bank.

Find out how to endorse a check. WaFd Bank walks you through each step of finding the endorsement area to how to sign a check so you can deposit or cash your check.

Need to void a check? Find out how to void a check in this easy to understand guide from WaFd Bank so the check can't be used for another purpose.

Explore the steps needed to set up Direct Deposit, the fastest, safest, and most convenient way to deposit funds into your WaFd Bank account automatically.

Find out what questions to ask your potential new bank with answers to some common questions, as well as steps to take to make the change to a new bank.

Frustrated that you can't open a bank account? Learn why this happened and what you can do to open an account like a Fresh Start account at WaFd Bank.

Find out the top budgeting tips for beginner savers to help you get your finances on track and set yourself up for financial success from WaFd Bank.

Learn about traditional savings accounts, high yield savings and CD accounts including the benefits and downsides of each from the financial experts at WaFd Bank.

Read on to find out why a high yield money market account or cd are great options to grow your savings and make your money work for you.

Learn tips on how to deal with economic uncertainties in the months ahead.

Find out the top five things to consider when choosing a bank that's right for you. Read the following steps to help you make your next banking choice.

What is the difference between a money market account and a savings account? Find out how these two accounts compare in this article from WaFd Bank.

Find out how to open a bank account including what you need to open a bank account online, types of banks accounts, and minimum deposit required.

Is a premium checking account right for you? Find out the benefits of Green Checking & Stellar Plus checking at WaFd Bank and see if we're the right fit.

You chose your new home with care. It's important to take the same care to find an experienced and knowledgeable loan officer. Follow these tips from WaFd Bank.

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