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Articles about Family Finance

WaFd Bank shows how to calculate future higher education costs and find ways to save for college. For more tips, visit WaFd Bank's Banking 101.

You may be wondering what you can use a HELOC for. You can use the equity in your home to access money consolidate debt, pay for educational expenses, and more.

Empower your teen with financial literacy skills to help them prosper. Find out why financial literacy is important and how to teach your teen financial literacy.

Find out how you can save money with top back-to-school budgeting tips from WaFd Bank to help you cut costs when you're shopping for back-to-school items.

Find out from WaFd Bank how to teach your kid the value of money & top ways to help your child learn about money so they can make good future money decisions.

Only 1 in 5 teenagers have basic-level skills regarding financial literacy. Find out how WaFd Bank can help you teach your kids financial skills in the home.

Learning to manage money while you are young is a great time to learn. If you've got youngsters in your house, learn about these money management tips from WaFd Bank

Are you looking to prepare for the financial future? WaFd Bank can help you with your post college financial planning so you can get out of debt and build wealth.

Are you a student and looking to beef up your savings? Find out how you can increase your savings while enrolled in school so you are better prepared for the future.

Thinking about taking out student loans? WaFd Bank explains the top considerations and questions to ask if you're not sure if you should take out student loans.

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