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Articles about Home Ownership

Whether you’re a first-time homebuyer or purchasing your second home, buying and selling property is stressful. Doing...

Learn how our Smart Start Down Payment Assistance Program works for low-to-moderate income individuals and/or families...

Discover basic requirements for a home equity line of credit to be an option and learn how to qualify for a HELOC with your local lender.

Millennials have been the largest share of homebuyers in the market since 2014. If you're in this generation and...

Making a few small improvements now could help you save money all winter.

Discover how a HELOC (home equity line of credit) with WaFd Bank might be the best way to finance home improvements like a remodel or addition on your house.

APR, closing costs, escrow, brokers - the list goes on. Home rental and ownership words can be confusing...we've got a guide to help.

It may be your second time, but that doesn't mean it's less confusing....

It seems like there's a lot of sources for mortgages out there - but really, there's just a few...

Are your home improvement projects doing more harm than good?

Have some fixer upper projects to do, but need a little boost? Find out how a HELOC can help.

Real estate is still one of the best ways to help build wealth. But owning multiple homes isn't right for everyone.

Mortgage terms can be confusing, but they have a BIG impact on how much you'll end up paying for your house. It's worth taking a few minutes to make sure you understand some key differences.

Hot real estate markets, like Seattle and Portland, make it hard for buyers to build equity with the traditional, turn-key style home. What's a first-time buyer to do?

Downsizing your home size doesn't need to feel like downgrading. Ideas to help you think smaller when it comes to your house.

APR, balloon payment, good faith estimate...what's it all mean?! We're breaking down those complex mortgage terms into everyday language.

When you apply for a home loan, you're responsible for paying for more than just a monthly mortgage payment. Find out what else is included.

Which backyard upgrades will pay you back when it comes time to sell your house?

Just like your remodel project, financing the work can be done in a variety of ways. Find out what might be best for your remodel.

Thinking about making some major changes to your home? Consider the pros and cons of remodeling versus buying a new home.

Buying a lot of land to build a house on involves more than just looking for a good view or finding the right school district. Find out what else you need to know.

When is the best time to refinance? Pros and cons for refinancing your mortgage loan.

Refinancing your mortgage is a big financial decision. Be sure to think it through before you sign the paperwork.

If you're thinking about a refinance, be sure to look beyond just the advertised rate.

3%? 10%? 20%? Do you know how much you should put down on a house?

Get the inside scoop on what counts when it's time to get a loan.

Buying a home doesn't have to feel like an overwhelming process. We've broken it down into 9 steps.

Upwards and onwards! But before you upgrade your house, make sure you can afford the heftier bills.

The first step to building your own home is deciding where to build it. A few things to consider before breaking ground...

Buying a house in a competitive market can be tough, but it's not impossible. Tips to make the process a little easier.

Avoid these decisions after you've been approved for a mortgage, but before closing.

What to know when buying a house? Buying a house may sound complicated — and while there are several steps and moving pieces — the process to buy a house is actually pretty straightforward

If you're thinking about buying a lot or building a custom home, here are a few key things to be aware of.

Updating your kitchen or finishing the basement doesn't need to mean draining your rainy-day fund or maxing out credit cards. Find out how your home's current value could help.

House shopping can be fun, scary, interesting, exciting, and overwhelming. It can easily turn into an emotional roller coaster. But there are a few things to watch for when you house shop that can help...

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