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Articles about Security and Privacy

Be aware of scams claiming to repair your credit file or boost your credit score. Find out how WaFd Bank can help you identify these scams.

Do you want to protect your child from identity theft? Read this article to understand top tips to protect your child's identity from the team at WaFd Bank.

Use WaFd Bank's password testing tool to check the strength of your password. Our tool evaluate the security of your password help you keep your account secure.

Learn the top red flags scammers use, how to identify scams and tips to prevent being scammed online.

How does voice biometrics work in banking? Learn about the pros and cons of Voice-Activated Banking and how WaFd Bank is leveraging this innovative technology.

WaFd Bank explains what it means to be FDIC insured and how we keep your money safe.

Find out the top tips from WaFd Bank on how to protect your bank accounts from hackers including secure passwords, Wi-Fi tips, vigilance and more.

Read on to find out what you should know about online and mobile banking security and safety.

Learn tips on how to protect your personal cybersecurity and be safe online.

How to protect your financial information from online criminals. Find out how WaFd Bank can help protect you and your business.

Thousands of people have lost millions of dollars and their personal information to tax scams. Learn what to look for from WaFd Bank about these tax season scams.

The holidays are approaching and it's time to start thinking about cyber security. Find out the top cyber security tips to keep your identity safe from WaFd Bank.

Is there someone you care about experiencing Elderly Financial Abuse? Find out what it is and what to do about it from the experts at WaFd Bank.

Did someone use your social security number on their taxes? Find out the top things should know and what to do about it from the team at WaFd Bank.

For many Americans, tax season can be an emotional roller coaster. Learn how to prevent fraudulent tax filing from WaFd Bank.

Discover the top five ways to keep your smartphone secure from the team at WaFd Bank. Find out how you can keep yourself safe from identity theft.

Are you thinking about home safety this summer? Find out the top summer safety tips from WaFd Bank to keep you at ease and protect your home.

Find out from the team at WaFd Bank the top ways you can protect yourself and your identity on social media, to help you stay safe online..

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