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WaFd Bank employees huddle
WaFd Bank employees huddle
WaFd Bank employees huddle
WaFd Bank employees huddle
WaFd Bank employees huddle
WaFd Bank employees huddle
WaFd Bank employees huddle
At WaFd Bank, we love what we do and making a difference in the communities we serve.

From our President and CEO

Founded on April 24, 1917 in Ballard, Washington, Washington Federal Bank, a federally insured Washington state chartered commercial bank dba WaFd Bank (the "Bank" or "WaFd Bank"), is engaged primarily in providing lending, depository, insurance and other banking services to consumers, mid-sized to large businesses, and owners and developers of commercial real estate. Ever since our start in 1917, we've been helping to build healthy, thriving communities. We're linked together as a team across nine western states serving clients and communities to fuel economic growth and support personal and business financial health. Equally important as our banking reputation is our commitment to community and social responsibility. We're issuing this report to outline the activities and initiatives WaFd bankers are focused on, the investments we're making, and our goals for making a difference in the communities we serve.

Banking today looks different than when we started 106 years ago. Yet, one thing has remained the same — we are here to make the best choices on any given day, for our clients, our employees, our communities, and our shareholders, in good times and bad. We want our families and friends to be proud that we work at WaFd Bank. More than anything, I'm personally humbled to work alongside colleagues who clearly love what they do and are here to make a difference in their communities. Every year for as long as any of us can remember, the Bank has supported United Way during their corporate giving campaign. We match, dollar-for-dollar, the donations our employees make to the United Way to provide a community safety net. We also ask that our bankers volunteer in their communities, whether it's acting as an instructor for Junior Achievement at the local high school or packaging nutritious meals at their community food bank.

During the past fiscal year, our 11 regional Diversity and Inclusion councils, made up of volunteers, worked to enhance employment and recruitment diversity, participated in local activities supporting our community, and formed five different affinity groups to support inclusion and celebrate one another in the workplace.

It's imperative that our teams cultivate enduring relationships with clients, communities, and colleagues. As we continue to grow, we endeavor to stand apart from our competitors, and be thoughtful about shaping the neighborhoods around us. We believe banking should be an empowering experience, not an intimidating one. Therefore, we focus on personal progress rather than restrictions, and always strive to see things from our clients' points of view. That's how we live our Bank motto: "Love what you do and make a difference."

Our hope is you will find this report to be engaging, helpful, and informative.

Brent Beardall, President and CEO, WaFd Bank


Brent Beardall
President & Chief Executive Officer

Financial Literacy

We believe in providing people with financial education programs that make their lives better. Financial education can help foster stability for individuals, families and entire communities; the more people know about money management, the more likely they are to improve and maintain their financial well-being.

WaFd invests in the following literacy programs

Teacher assisting elementary school kids working on laptops

Save at School program

Our Save at Schools program helps middle and elementary school students learn the habit of saving by making deposits during our “bank days.” We match the initial $5 opening deposit and students can earn 5% on their first $100 deposit. Email to launch a Save at Schools program in your area.

WaFd employees volunteering to support Junior Achievement

Junior Achievement

We aspire to help young people succeed and positively impact the communities we serve. That's why we partner with Junior Achievement to provide financial support and employee volunteers to help youth learn financial wellness and build the skills they need to launch successful futures.

Happy female teenager using a computer in the computer lab

Financial Literacy

We partner with Banzai, an award-winning, interactive financial content platform to provide free financial literacy and education to Title One schools across out nine-state footprint. We help all ages from 8 to 88 learn to create a budget, get out of debt, buy a home, save for college, learn about inflation, save for retirement, build credit, navigate online security and more! We also offer Banzai to our non-profit partners through the Washington Federal Foundation ensuring the communities we support have the tools they need for a brighter future. If your school or non-profit is looking to include this curriculum in your organization, please contact us!

Banzai Logo

Community Development

We recognize the impact of our activities on the lives of people around us. We are continuously committed to serving our communities, clients, and employees. Throughout our history, we have focused on giving back to our communities and have developed a variety of programs to help make a difference in the lives of those around us.

Excited young couple standing in front of new home

In Housing and Community Development

In 2023, WaFd invested over $76 million in community development loans. Of this, over $49 million was invested toward affordable housing across our nine state footprint.

2022, WaFd Bank devoted $203,425,455 toward community development lending. In addition, $102,100,000 in housing tax credits were provided along with $61,800,000 in investments made to other affordable housing projects, totaling $367,325,455.

In 2021, over $289,000,000 was invested toward community development lending and affordable housing investments. This resulted in 47 loans totaling $165,000,000 to support affordable home ownership for low-income borrowers within our nine states.

Smiling, Muslim businesswomen working together

In 2020 we created the Small Business Flex Fund that aided 365 small businesses with lifeline loans totaling $12,500,000 to ensure these business owners could bridge the gap between the beginning of the pandemic and when government assistance became available.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

We are committed to supporting a diverse employee base, creating a culture of inclusion, equity, and empowerment, and bringing our full selves to work. Diversity can take many forms, including race, nationality, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion, disability, gender, age, protected veteran status, or other distinguishing characteristics.

A diverse group of WaFd employees

Our mission statement is “We are committed to building diverse teams and creating a culture of inclusion, empowerment, and belonging.” To achieve this, we've moved from the current single DEI council structure and replaced it with a DEI council consisting of 5 to 10 people in each region with each Regional President as the executive sponsor. Additionally, we've included a DEI council for our corporate support areas, with our Chief Consumer Banker and Chief Operations Officer as executive sponsors. This will help ensure our efforts are reflected across all nine states in which we reside.

  • Partnering with a DEI Consultant to grow inclusive mind sets and help build stronger programs with sustainable strategies.
  • Focusing on enhancing our approach to recruiting, hiring, and retention. As WaFd's mission statement says, “diversity, equity and inclusion drive innovation and productivity, and allow WaFd to better serve our communities and each other.”

Adding employee resource groups to support efforts across the Bank, with four to start:

  • Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC)
  • Emerging Leaders
  • Working Parents
  • LGBTQ+

The Global Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Council is a commitment by senior executives to support the Regional and Corporate Support Councils to ensure that there is an enterprise-wide focus on diversity and inclusion. The Advisory Council:

  • Provides strategic guidance for business and regional councils, as well as the broader D&I program.
  • Facilitates D&I cross functional and enterprise-wide strategies.
  • Ensures support is provided to the regional and back-office support D&I program strategies.
  • Defines requirements for council membership (appointed and volunteer).

2,120 Team Members

  • 24% Non-White
  • 2.48% US Veteran
  • 5.77% Differently Abled
  • 68% Female
  • 32% Male


We are committed to strong corporate governance principles and practices which begins with our Board of Directors. Our Board endorses the view that one of its primary functions is to protect stakeholder interests by providing oversight of management, including the Chief Executive Officer.

Stephen M. Graham, WaFd Bank Board of Director, Chairman of the Board
Stephen M. Graham
Board of Director, Chairman of the Board
Brent Beardall, WaFd Bank President, Chief Executive Officer, Vice Chairman
Brent Beardall
President, Chief Executive Officer, Vice Chairman
David Grant, WaFd Bank undefined
David Grant
Randy H. Talbot, WaFd Bank undefined
Randy H. Talbot
Steve Singh, WaFd Bank undefined
Steve Singh
Linda Brower, WaFd Bank undefined
Linda Brower
Sylvia Hampel, WaFd Bank undefined
Sylvia Hampel
Sean Singleton, WaFd Bank undefined
Sean Singleton
Shawn Bice, WaFd Bank undefined
Shawn Bice
M. Max Yzaguirre, WaFd Bank undefined
M. Max Yzaguirre
Bradley M. Shuster, WaFd Bank undefined
Bradley M. Shuster

The Board is made up of members with a wealth of experience and knowledge from a variety of industries including finance, technology, real estate, investments, and risk management. Our Board is committed to independence and the majority of Board members are independent pursuant to the listing requirements of the Nasdaq Stock Market. WaFd Bank Leadership Team arrow-right

We maintain a variety of corporate governance documents and policies which can be found on our website.

Board Diversity Matrix
Total Number of Directors: 11
Part I: Gender IdentityFemaleMale
Part II: Demographic Background
African American or Black02
Hispanic or Latinx11

WaFd Foundation and Community Giving

Founded in 2009, the WaFd Foundation's purpose is to facilitate direct giving to community-based nonprofits serving the needs of people with low-and moderate-incomes. Each year we commit over $1 million to the communities we serve.

WaFd employees presenting a check at the Foundation Ferndale Food Bank

Washington Federal Foundation

As a bank dedicated to promoting home ownership, the focuses on programs and causes that help provide affordable housing for low-and-moderate-income individuals. The Foundation also provides support for social agencies and nonprofits that serve the needs in our communities, including seniors, youth organizations, and low income families.

We direct giving to the following areas:

  • Housing and community development
  • Social services and basic needs for seniors, youth and low-income families
  • Financial literacy

Average grants range from $1,000-$5,000

Since its inception, the Foundation has given nearly $8.1M to local charities across our nine-state footprint.

Please visit our Foundation page for more information.

WaFd employees volunteering for United Way, United 4 Vegas

United Way

WaFd Bank matches employee contributions made to United Way agencies in all nine states: For fiscal 2023, total pledges from colleagues amounted to $376,392.91 in charitable giving. WaFd matched $376,392.91 in donations to United Way agencies for a total of $746,585.83.

Community Partnerships

At WaFd, we align with partners that share and exhibit the same vales as we do. Our partners complement our passions and strengths and help us build stronger and more vibrant communities. Each partnership includes donations to community-based organizations and foundations that enrich the communities we serve.

Seattle Seawolves Logo
Seattle Krakenarrow-right

We have joined the Seattle Kraken as a Founding Partner as both organizations share the fundamentals of integrity, hard work, and innovation. We are excited to help bring hockey back to Seattle and give back through their One Roof Foundation in efforts to continue to build the most diverse and inclusive hockey culture in the country, if not the world.

Seattle Seawolves Logo
Seattle Stormarrow-right

WaFd and the Seattle Storm will launch Fit Futures together, a community initiative that provides kids with equal access to physical activity and financial education, set to begin in the fall of 2023. Three Title 1 schools will receive $5,000 each towards the purchase of new PE equipment and supplies in a celebratory ceremony to include the presence of Storm mascot Doppler and a Storm VIP guest. Each of these three schools will also receive 300 tickets to a regular season Storm game for kids and their families. Additionally, WaFd sponsors a half court shootaround challenge with Storm players benefitting a local BIPOC non-profit.

Seattle Seawolves Logo
Seattle Seawolvesarrow-right

We support Seattle Compassion Services through the Seawolves by volunteering in the community and through financial donations to further their mission to house the unhoused, alleviate suffering and bring the community together to solve homelessness.

WaFd Workforce

At WaFd Bank, we've taken the same long-term perspective with our employees as we have with our clients. We value each of our employees and invest in their development and wellbeing.

A career at WaFd Bank

We value our employees by investing in a healthy work/life balance, competitive compensation packages, a vibrant team-oriented environment centered on professional service, and 360-degree, open communication with your colleagues.

A Career at WaFd Bank Offers:

  • Paid time off and sick days
  • Health benefits
  • Stock options
  • Bonus program
  • Generous 401(k) match
  • Life and AD&D insurance
  • Long-term disability
  • Employee assistance program
  • Pre-tax health and dependent-care spending plans
  • Four weeks parental leave
  • $5,000 per year in tuition reimbursement, up to $40,000 total
Walt mascot and WaFd employee smiling with heart cutout next to an America's Best Employers 2022 by Forbes badge

We love coming to work and it shows!

In 2022, WaFd Bank was recognized as one of America's Best Employers by Forbes. We're proud of our employees and all that they do.

Environmental Responsibility and Social Risk Management

WaFd Bank's corporate social and environmental responsibility commitment arises from the impact of our activities on people's lives and society. To fulfill this commitment, WaFd Bank integrates social, environmental and ethical concerns, as well as those regarding human rights and the needs of its stakeholders, into its daily business activities and approach to stakeholder relationships.

Through all our interactions, WaFd Bank will:

  • Carry out its banking activities in a responsible manner, placing the financial needs of its clients and economic health of its communities at the core of its strategic focus.
  • Maximize the creation of sustainable and shared value for its shareholders, employees and stakeholders, including contributing to the broader benefit of society.
African-American father and daughter holding small seedling at a community garden

We acknowledge the impact of climate change, which may lead to new regulations as well as financial and reputational risks. We also realize there are new opportunities to find ways to mitigate those risks and open new doors to offsetting carbon footprints. We will embrace these opportunities and seek out new ways to invest in change to a lower carbon economy and a better future for us all.

Man Riding in bike lane past city park

Environmental Stewardship

WaFd strives to focus on efficiency and long-term sustainability in our business processes through prudent use of resources, including renewable energy and waste reduction efforts. We also offer the following services and benefits to employees at our corporate headquarters in downtown Seattle:

  • Free transit passes for all employees to encourage mass transit, including train, ferry, bus and light rail.
  • Secure, onsite bike storage and shower facilities for our biking community.
  • Improved air quality through bi-polar ionization in our HVAC system to remove bacteria, viruses and pollutants.
  • Flexible work policies that allow for a hybrid approach between office hoteling and work-from-home, reducing physical commutes and carbon footprints.
  • Working to reduce total square footage of corporate and branch real estate across our footprint to save on energy costs and shrink our physical carbon footprint.


WaFd employees are invested in their communities and giving back. We support this by giving them time to volunteer with the organizations they are passionate about. In 2023, WaFd employees participated in 11,870 volunteer hours to more than 755 organizations and initiatives across our regional footprint.

WaFd employees volunteering, Food Bank in Idaho

Food Bank (Idaho)

WaFd employees volunteering Stuff the Bus, Helping Hands in Washington

Stuff the Bus Helping Hands (Washington)

WaFd employees volunteering for Project Homeless Connect in Utah

Project Homeless Connect (Utah)

WaFd employees volunteering for Save the Family Food Drive in Mesa, Arizona

Save the Family Food Drive (Arizona)

WaFd employees volunteering for United Way Day of Caring in Oregon

United Way Day of Caring (Oregon)

WaFd employees volunteering Albuquerque, New Mexico

Girls Into Tech (New Mexico)

WaFd employees volunteering for Financial Literacy in Nevada

Teaching Financial Literacy (Nevada)

WaFd employees presenting a check for Builders of Hope for $25,000 in Texas

We're In This Together (Texas)