Community Financial Education

We believe in providing people with financial education programs that make their lives better. Financial education can help foster stability for individuals, families and entire communities; the more people know about money management, the more likely they are to improve and maintain their financial well-being.

Save at School program

Our Save at School program helps middle and elementary school students learn the habit of saving by making regular deposits during our on-site "bank days". We match each initial $5 opening deposit to a Save at School account. Email to launch a Save at School program in your area.


Classes for seniors

Colleagues in all eight states determine specific financial literacy needs within their communities. Junior Achievement, Financial Beginnings, and local Senior Centers are often popular choices to provide financial training. Various classes are designed to address diverse ages. Topics range from avoiding fraud to juggling retirement savings and helping young professionals navigate the purchase of their first home. High School students learn how to protect their credit score and build their first budget.



We partner with organizations such as EverFi to supplement employee efforts with online financial education aimed at helping high school students develop a better understanding of financial decision making. During the 2018-2019 school year 5,859 students were reached with the EverFi program. This included 29 schools throughout the WaFd Bank footprint and totaled 26,783 hours of learning.


Our communities thrive when our residents have the information they need to build healthy financial habits. We are happy to assist with their financial literacy mission!

-Tina DeCamp, Division Manager

WaFd Bank

Financial education classes connect young leaders with the resources and knowledge they need to be critical thinkers. It also allows us to be part of something larger.

-Brianna Wronski, Personal Banker

WaFd Bank


When I teach financial literacy classes I feel like I'm helping mold young people's lives.

-Lucas Wenzel, Personal Banker

WaFd Bank